by Smoke Monkey on February 26, 2017

Listen up Sea Scouts!  While Portland is indeed a lovely place to live it’s a damn fine thing to get the heck out for a few days in February.  This year we’ve escaped to Palm Springs to stay at the Del Marcos Hotel and enjoy a bit of Modernism Week to boot.

Del Marcos HotelThe Del Marcos pool at night


Excellent cocktails at Bootlegger Tiki:

Bootlegger Tiki

We met Josh Agle, the artist known as Shag:


We also got to meet notable Tiki Historian, Sven Kirsten:

Sven Kirsten

If you are reading this, you most certainly need Sven’s new book.

Enjoyed the vintage trailer show:


Something happened at the Tonga Hut involving rum and coconuts:

Tonga Hut

We enjoyed Shag giving a talk and showing some of the inspiration for his artworks:



Shag’s new book can be had here.

Spent an evening at the Museum of Pinball:

Museum of Pinball

… and when it comes down to it, relaxing in the sun by the pool at the Del Marcos is where it’s at, kittens…



BTU Brasserie – Lounge!

by admin on February 5, 2017

btu - 1
And here’s Joyce posing in the lounge room of the BTU Brasserie here in Portland, which is a place you should visit but definitely not move to.

What is this place?  From their web site:

BTU Brasserie is a Modern Chinese Restaurant and Tap room. Our seven barrel in-house brewery produces beers naturally paired with our authentic cuisine.

I don’t pretend to be a food critic, and from time-to-time I have an urge for the most average of Chinese-American “food”.  Our dishes here were several steps up from average.  And they aren’t kidding about their beer being good as well, in a place where we have no shortage of good beer.

They have a regular restaurant-style eating area, but the reason this post is here is because of their Lounge Room, pictured above.  Like a good home Tiki bar, it’s warm and engaging and makes you wish you had a few more hours to hang out and goof off.


Why Tiki?

February 2, 2017

A lot of Americans vowed to leave the country if Trump won. That isn’t actually feasible for most of us, but a night in a dark bar with a strong drink certainly is. From the LA Weekly:

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November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Well this simply deserves to be reblogged: Tired of the same ‘ol, traditional Thanksgiving dinner menu year after year? Mix it up giving the menu an exotic twist! What a great way to make Thanksgiving fun. If you think about it’s our most boring holiday – all we do is eat – […]

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Ain’t That Sweet?

October 26, 2016

I frequent paw my way through garage and estate sales.  Sometimes you get lucky and find something great.  Other times you dig through dusty crap you can’t imagine why anyone bought in the first place. Sometimes you find a story.  This past weekend I was perusing the detritus and debris of an elderly couple’s life. […]

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Mai Kai bonus shots

October 9, 2016

Here’s a few bonus shots of the Mai Kai: …and now a very fancy Tiki men’s room: hallway to the gift shop and restrooms… entrance to the Samoa room Menu!  The dinner menu is actually “Chinese-American”.  It was pretty good too. let’s make some funny faces, shall we? blurry photo of the gardens

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The Fabulous Mai Kai in Fort Lauderdale

October 9, 2016

The Mai Kai.  Wow, what a place! For those of you who don’t know, this fine country of ours used to have many “Tiki” palaces in the 50’s and 60’s – an exotic escape from grey conformity of American life.  They fell out of fashion and most of them closed in the 70’s and 80’s. […]

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The Wreck Bar in Fort Lauderdale

October 9, 2016

In our on-going quest to find unique and interesting places, we stopped to visit the Wreck Bar.  What the heck is that, you say?  Opened in 1956, the Wreck Bar is designed to make you feel you’ve entered a partially submerged wooden shipwreck.  The portholes look out into the hotel pool and if you’re there […]

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September 1, 2016

“Drink writing” is a hell of an occupation. There are moments when I stop to consider whether certain subjects of my scrutiny really should be subjected to scrutiny. Take tiki: Lavishly garnished drinks, sometimes served in anthropomorphic vessels, may seem the embodiment of silly excess. …but there’s more to it, isn’t there?

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Pete’s Monkey Skull VooDoo Lounge (and friends!)

June 12, 2016

Pete’s Monkey Skull VooDoo Lounge is in the blogging news: Well, yeah, the photo does not do the place any justice but isn’t that just the way it is?  The p0int of this article is about Pete’s work documenting the bars of Seattle.  Every Bar In Seattle.  And many others. Got some time on […]

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