by Smoke Monkey on September 1, 2016

“Drink writing” is a hell of an occupation. There are moments when I stop to consider whether certain subjects of my scrutiny really should be subjected to scrutiny. Take tiki: Lavishly garnished drinks, sometimes served in anthropomorphic vessels, may seem the embodiment of silly excess.

…but there’s more to it, isn’t there?


Pete’s Monkey Skull VooDoo Lounge (and friends!)

by Smoke Monkey on June 12, 2016

Pete's Pete’s Monkey Skull VooDoo Lounge is in the blogging news: Well, yeah, the photo does not do the place any justice but isn’t that just the way it is?  The p0int of this article is about Pete’s work documenting the bars of Seattle.  Every Bar In Seattle.  And many others. Got some time on your hands?  This should keep you busy:


Cocktails from Smuggler’s Cove in San Francisco

June 12, 2016

From the article: Happily, the modern tiki era now has its own Magna Carta: Martin Cate’s Smuggler’s Cove: Exotic Cocktails, Rum, and the Cult of Tiki, which comes out tomorrow and he wrote with his wife, Rebecca Cate. It’s a lavishly illustrated, seriously researched, 350-page tome with more than 100 recipes, along with a well-written history […]

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The Swizzle Stick Makes a Modern Comeback

June 7, 2016

While swizzle sticks have been out of mainstream cocktail culture since the ’70s (beyond old-school tiki lounges and swanky hotels and casinos, that is), the steadfast devotion to this cocktail accessory on the fringes demonstrates that it’s more than just a plastic freebie; it is, rather, its own form of accessible pop art, a bar’s […]

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Diagnosing the Tiki Psyche

June 7, 2016 Essentially the entire escapist legacy of tiki can be traced back to his original vision and innovations. “You can almost think of Don the Beachcomber as Tolkein,” says Al Sotack, bartender at Death & Co. and Pouring Ribbons and a pop culture obsessive. “There were influences before him but he’s the one who really pulled the whole imaginary […]

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Inside the Magical World of Tiki Kon

June 6, 2016

Hey kids!  You heard it here last! At Portland’s annual celebration of Polynesian-pop fantasy, anyone with a love of Hawaiian shirts and rum can live the good life, if just for a weekend. Real-life tiki god Martin Cate—owner of San Francisco’s Smuggler’s Cove—takes us inside the tropical fever dream that is Tiki Kon.

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Mid Century Modern Dinner Party

March 30, 2015

DJ Drew Groove organized a Mid-Century Modern Dinner Party – featuring exotic eats from yesterday’s tomorrow.  And we were there! Click on any image to see a larger version! Joyce poses in her black cocktail dress, pink apron next to many fine dishes And Joyce’s fine “salad” of jello, cream cheese and miracle whip! yes, […]

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Tiki Kon 2014

November 26, 2013

…and so it returns… TikiKon. Mark your calendars, 2014 here we come.  

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Free Bamboo!

November 26, 2013

Need bamboo for one of your projects?  Around the corner from my place is FREE BAMBOO! SE 28th Street, Portland Oregon.  Just north of Holgate. There in a pile on the street, waiting for you.

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Big Sale!

November 21, 2013

Holy cow, Batman!  Get your checkbooks out, the Tacoma Goodwill is auctioning off a giant stack of African art which belongs in your collection! Thanks to an anonymous donor, Tacoma Goodwill is now auctioning off a rare African artifact collection valued at upwards of $11,000. The mid-19th to mid-20th century pieces — authentic artifacts, […]

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