Ain’t That Sweet?

by Smoke Monkey on October 26, 2016

I frequent paw my way through garage and estate sales.  Sometimes you get lucky and find something great.  Other times you dig through dusty crap you can’t imagine why anyone bought in the first place.

Sometimes you find a story.  This past weekend I was perusing the detritus and debris of an elderly couple’s life.  They had the remains of a bar in the basement, including two walls covered with photos from Life magazine of the 60’s era.  They had some good cha-cha records which came home with me.  Upstairs I found this:

A happy anniversary card


Open it up, and it turns out they used and re-used it for almost 50 years!

is that sweet or what?


If I’m reading the text correctly, looks like it was last written in September 9th, 2015.

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