BTU Brasserie – Lounge!

by admin on February 5, 2017

btu - 1
And here’s Joyce posing in the lounge room of the BTU Brasserie here in Portland, which is a place you should visit but definitely not move to.

What is this place?  From their web site:

BTU Brasserie is a Modern Chinese Restaurant and Tap room. Our seven barrel in-house brewery produces beers naturally paired with our authentic cuisine.

I don’t pretend to be a food critic, and from time-to-time I have an urge for the most average of Chinese-American “food”.  Our dishes here were several steps up from average.  And they aren’t kidding about their beer being good as well, in a place where we have no shortage of good beer.

They have a regular restaurant-style eating area, but the reason this post is here is because of their Lounge Room, pictured above.  Like a good home Tiki bar, it’s warm and engaging and makes you wish you had a few more hours to hang out and goof off.

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