Portland TikiKon 2017

by Smoke Monkey on July 6, 2017

TikiKon 2017 – Portland. Here’s some things you may have missed if you were square and not there:surf

Let’s keep going with the surf music…


Gimmie Cabaña Suit!  (yes, Joyce hand-made our matching Cabaña suits)




Respectable citizens:


Breakfast at The Alibi – always an adventure!

The Alibi

After bacon and spam … can you say Hale Pele?  Not that it wasn’t already great, but a new owner promises to take it to new levels of awesome!

Hale Pele

Hale Pele

Who’s that in the pool?


Click here -> https://www.facebook.com/MeduSirena/

Oops – who forgot to bring the virgins?

tiki fun

Ok, we never promised to have a photo of everything on this jungle tour of the mind.  Here we skip forward to The Stolen Pony Lounge:

Meanwhile, deep inside The Sandy Bottom:

room of the bath

Then… we were having too much fun for photos, but late that night two great guys murdered a cake!

Stay tuned for 2018!

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