Hey, what time is it?

by Smoke Monkey on February 14, 2018

Got your time machine handy?  Well… let us point our Hasselblad and Polaroid Land Cameras at these fine meals:


What’s going on?  Some of our wacky chums threw a Mid-Century Potluck.

Pull out those cookbooks from the 50’s and 60’s!

salmon mouse

mmm… the salmon mousse…

The funeral beans…


mystery food

Hey, here at The Federation of Eagles, we get Eagle Art.

Made from costume jewelry.


(does anyone know why mayonnaise would pair with aspic???)

food like objects

From here the Weird Turn Pro:

Joyce throws down a fine rendition of Cherries Jubilee


Doctor Peters’ contribution was a re-creation of a Swanson Chicken TV Dinner

Including a simulation of Leave it to Beaver!


TV Dinner

My entry was sufficiently weird enough that I won a prize!  The Booby Prize, in this case!

While made of jello, mayo, hot dogs and spaghetti-o’s – most of these dishes turned out to be pretty dang yummy.


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