Welcome to The Future of Yesterday’s Tomorrow!

by Smoke Monkey on June 28, 2018

The future of yesterday’s tomorrow… that is indeed where we choose to live. Those of you out there in intarwubs land who’ve also chosen to live La Vida Tiki, choosing to recreate the fantasy worlds our grandparent’s generation enjoyed will find this article to be no surprise.  Tiki Culture is back.

Vintage photograph of a tiki bartender with exotic drinks in the 1960s. (Photo by Found Image Holdings/Corbis via Getty Images)

There are no TV screens inside the Polynesian, the giant new tiki bar that opened three stories above Times Square over Memorial Day weekend. That means no news crawls, no Fox & Friends, no jaw-gritting headlines—nothing to break the illusion of a rum-fueled tropical oasis.

The Polynesian’s splashy opening signals the arrival of more than just another themed bar serving $15 drinks in skull-head tiki mugs. It’s the manifestation of a certain mood in America: the escalating need for escapism. (The over-the-top drinks are just a bonus.)

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