Welcome to Danger Island

The Danger Island Tiki Trading Company provides Polynesian Pop Vintage Reproductions for Tiki People and their tiki lifestyle.

We are Angi “Puka Puka” McFarland and Stephen “Smoke Monkey” Peters, long-time tiki nerds and partners in fun.

…and we have a plan.  Through Danger Island we will offer an extensive array of the finest things for your home tiki bar and Polynesian Pop lifestyle — shirts, mugs, swizzle sticks, mojo hands, live aligators… you’ll find it here.

but we have bigger plans than that…

In fact our goal is to grow our revenue and customer base until we can open The Toasted Tiki Lounge here in Portland.

Toasted Tiki Lounge

Toasted Tiki Lounge shirt design

Shirt Shot

Action Shot

Every purchase from Danger Island brings Portland closer to having a new tiki bar!

In addition to enjoying our quality products, you can feel good knowing every dollar spent goes towards making the world a little more Tiki.