Big Sale!

November 21, 2013

Holy cow, Batman!  Get your checkbooks out, the Tacoma Goodwill is auctioning off a giant stack of African art which belongs in your collection! Thanks to an anonymous donor, Tacoma Goodwill is now auctioning off a rare African artifact collection valued at upwards of $11,000. The mid-19th to mid-20th century pieces — authentic artifacts, […]

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Lushy and The Ukadelics live at Tacoma’s Java Jive

November 9, 2013

Hey Kids! Big fun in Tacoma tonight! The iconic Java Jive coffee-pot shaped bar will be opening its doors for none other than iconic cocktail culture combo “Lushy” and the amazing 8-piece ukulele band the “Ukadelics” live, in-person on Saturday, November 9th. The Java Jive is an historic, 1927 roadside attraction and cafe that has achieved legendary […]

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Southwest Airlines Throws Down on Tiki

December 6, 2010

If you’ve flown on Southwest recently perhaps you’ve seen this fine Tiki article in the in-flight magazine: …and they’ve done a decent job of a quick overview to modern Tiki culture: AUTHENTICALLY FAKE.  That contradictory phrase is the best way to describe a new breed of tiki bars, where the faux-Polynesian, sorta-Caribbean mash-up cocktails that […]

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